(Short cycle – MECES 1 – EQF 5):
Advanced Vocational Training Program in Fine Arts and Design with a Specialty in Artistic Jewellery

2 years


In person classes

Ever since the origins of the city, Artistic Jewellery, specifically silversmithing has had a long tradition in Santiago de Compostela. Since its inception, the EASD Mestre Mateo has trained generations of jewellers. Today, together with this legacy, the traditional hallmarks of metalworking is fused with current technologies of production, and with a innate connection to the latest trends in design. This fusion is the goal in which our Applied Arts Technician of Jewellery Program is focused.

Discovering the market trends, exploring new lines of design and the investigation the renewal of forms and materials become axes of the methodology of these studies.

Students work in an unique and enviable setting, and are exposed to the full range of traditional techniques and cutting edge technology. Staff at the school are experts in their field and support their students through their chosen course and into professional life.

Since 2006, this degree is required in order to work as a jewellery professional in Galicia.

COURSES Total hours Hours per week
1st YEAR -1st, 2nd and 3rd terms-
1. History of Goldsmithing and Jewelry 95 3
2. Artistic Drawing and Colour 95 3
3. Technical Drawing 95 3
4. Jewelry Projects 445 14
horas de libre disposición: proxectos de xoiaría 65 2
5. Technology and Micro-melting 165 5
2nd YEAR – 1st and 2nd term
1. Modelling and Model-Making 95 4
2. Jewelry Workshop 420 19
3. Gemmology 95 4
4. Employment Skills, Labour Regulations and Job Orientation 65 3
2nd YEAR -3rd term-
Final Project 135  
Internship at a company, studio or workshop 105  
TOTAL 1.875 120


The Advanced Vocational Training Program in Fine Arts and Design (with a Specialty in Artistic Jewellery) is a higher education qualification with a duration of two term courses.

These are official degrees that allow direct access to Degrees in Design, with the recognition of at least 30 ECTS credits.

     Level: ISCED 5B (Tertiary Education)

Vacancies: 15

Placement Types


Direct Placement 1. High school diploma, Art Speciality
2. High school diploma with professional experience.
3. Advanced Vocational Training Program in Fine Arts and Design degree.
4. Advanced Design Studies degree.
5. Architecture degree or Fine Arts degree.
6. Industrial Design degree.
50% of vacancies
Placement through specific test High scool diploma or equivalent
30% of vacancies
Placement through specific test and maturity test For non-degree holding persons over the age of 19
20% of vacancies
1º. Maturity Test
Capable of discussing common highschool subjects.
The applicants designated as “fit” will be permitted access to the Specific Test.
2º. Specific Test

Differentiated for the specific Advanced Vocational Training Program specialties.
Capable of discussing any knowledge, skills and abilities that refer to those specific studies.

Structure of the exam:

• 1st exercise: A written exam on History of art, History of applied arts, craftwork and design, and on the specialty that the student aims to study

• 2nd exercise: freehand mimetic drawing using a graphite pencil on size A3 paper of a model or from the documentation provided, specific to the students field of study that has been proposed by the council.

• 3rd exercise: freehand drawing of the previous model, using the appropriate systems and techniques for the representation of your specialty, as defined by the council.