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Network of Art Schools and Higher Design Schools of Galicia

The quality policy of the Network of Schools of Art and Higher Design Schools of Galicia has a clear implication and a defined commitment to educational excellence, as described in our Mission, Vision and Values.


Guaranteeing the quality of teaching and promoting educational excellence in the field of design, culture and the arts in the Network of Art and Design Schools of Galicia with headquarters in: A Coruña (EASD Pablo Picasso), Lugo (EASD Ramón Falcón) , Ourense (EASD Antonio Faílde) and Santiago de Compostela (EASD Mestre Mateo).

Acting in accordance with the social training requirements in the Professional Artistic Education of Plastic Arts and Design, and in the Higher Artistic Education of Design, determining the elements that act on the improvement in the educational work of these centers and consequently, to ratify, modify or replace them with the purpose to ensure its innovation, updating and quality, guaranteeing the qualification of future professionals trained in these centers meeting the demands of the economic, social and cultural environment.


The Network of Arts and Higher Design Schools as specialized centers in the training of designers and workers in the artistic professions in Galicia, provides teaching with a contemporary approach based on respect for tradition and cultural heritage, integrating theory and practice, craftsmanship and technology, prosperity and sustainability.

Training in EASD is based on project methodology, the implementation of new technologies, creative processes and teaching in classrooms and workshops in line with the multidisciplinary nature of the centers. Its aim is to contribute positively to the personal, educational and social development of students and, also, to meet the needs and demands of our socio-economic environment in the Galician community as a whole.

We provide students with comprehensive training to facilitate active participation as citizens of the 21st century, focused on developing aesthetic and functional standards in line with the most current design proposals in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Stimulating innovation, academic or professional specialization, or promoting research tasks in the field of design, towards offering new possibilities to companies, studios, workshops and institutions in the productive, social and cultural environment for a more sustainable way of life.


The Network of Art Schools and Higher Design Schools guides our actions in:


CO-EXISTENCE AND RESPECT, promoting equality between men and women and the observance of the Organization and Operation Rules of the centers, with the aim of achieving a favorable climate for the teaching-learning process.

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QUALITY as a priority in the educational process, adapting to the new challenges of the European Higher Education Area and contributing to the achievement of the actions and quality objectives established in the Strategic Plan of the Board of Education and University Planning.


IMPLICATION and CLOSENESS, encouraging the participation of all sectors of the educational community in the functional projects of the centers.

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INNOVATION, implementing new ways and models of learning, technologies and research developing the pedagogical autonomy of the centers.

SUSTAINABILITY, prioritizing the sustainable development objectives included in the 2030 Agenda.


COOPERATION, encouraging the horizontal transmission of knowledge and the creation of synergies between specialties and, also, promoting work in diverse multidisciplinary teams.


INTERCULTURALITY, through the promotion of cultural and educational exchange relations with both national and international entities.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP, encouraging the enterprising spirit and the development of business activities, self-employment and innovation.


ALLIANCES WITH THE AREA, promoting training in companies, studios and workshops, as well as the participation of professionals from the productive, artistic and cultural system in teaching.


CAPACITY OF ANALYSIS and SELF-CRITICISM, in the constant search for opportunities for improvement.

This Quality Policy will serve as a frame of reference to establish and review the Strategic Plan and the quality objectives of the Network of Art and Design Schools of Galicia.

The management of the Schools of Art and Higher Design of Galicia will review it, at least once a year, to verify its suitability to the actual way of working of the Network of these Schools.

In order to be known by all the staff of the centers, the Quality Policy will be displayed publicly in the facilities of the Network of Arts and Design Schools of Galicia and will be released by any other way.