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Website for information: Ministerio de AA. Exteriores:

Those students from countries not included in the Schengen area must apply for a study visa to enter in Spain. Applications must be submitted to the Spanish consulates and embassies abroad.

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Health insurance. All Incoming students must bring a copy of their European Health insurance card or private insurance, valid for their study period in Spain.

A Public liability insurance is also recommended.



EASD Mestre Mateo does not have a campus. For further information, go to International Office.

Websites for information (external websites):


Sistema de Calificaciones

No sistema español, a escala de cualificacións abarca de 0 a 10.

Tabla de equivalencias entre o Sistema de Cualificacións da EASD Mestre Mateo e as Cualificacións ECTS:

Sistema cualificacións EASD MM DEFINITION ECTS GRADE
9,0 – 10 (Matrícula de Honra) The most outstanding performance A+
9,0 – 10 (Sobresaínte) Excellent performance A
8,0 – 8,9 (Notable) Very good performance B
7,0 – 7,9 (Notable) Good performance C
6,0 – 6,9 (Aprobado) Satisfactory performance D
5,0 – 5,9 (Aprobado) Sufficient performance E
3,0 – 4,9 (Suspenso) Fail FX
0 – 2,9 (Suspenso) Fail F

A cualificación Matrícula de Honra poderá obterse cando un estudante obteña unha nota igual ou superior a 9. O número de Matrículas de Honra non excederán do 5% dos estudantes matriculados na disciplina, excepto cando o número de estudantes sexa inferior a 20; neste caso poderase outorgar unha Matrícula de Honra.





Nomination: the partner institutions should nominate their students by e-mail addressed to EASD Mestre Mateo International Office. The nomination will include the name of the student, their e-mail address and the study area.

Online Application: All Students need to fill an online Application downloadable here and submit it and the required documentation by e-mail, addressed to EASD Mestre Mateo International Office.

1. Application form

2. Digital portfolio (link to downloadable pdf, or link to online portfolio will be accepted)

3. Transcript of Records

4. Learning Agreement filled with the chosen or preferred subjects.

All applications should be sent via e-mail to the International Office at erasmus (at) easd . es

Download our Fact Sheet for more information: